What kind of pants is the best for you?

What kind of pants is the best for you?

Let’s start with Body shape

Here we have four body shape.  Find your body shape, then you would find your best pants.

Funnel-shape:the perfect body shape.

What kind of pants is the best for you?

Basically, they have the same shoulder width and hip width.

And also have obvious waistline and medium-built thigh

H-shape: not a curve shape.

Generally , people in This kind of body shape has smaller crotch, so they has smaller thigh.

Apple-shape: the upper part of the body is abundant.

They have abundant waist and abdomen, but slim hip and thigh

Pear-shape: the lower part of the body is abundant.

They have abundant hip and thigh but slim upper body. Their waist is gracile, and have distinct waistline.

If you have the perfect funnel-shape, then congratulation, you have a good deal of options. You can just follow your style. If you are the H-shape or Apple-shape, then your challenge must at the upper body, a pair of pants could make you seems to be thinner. If you are the Pear-shape, be careful to choose the pants, or it would be a trouble.

Tips for choosing

H-shape: try to show your leg. Shorts are your friends. Try some loose upper outer garment and skinny pants. Also high cut pants is a good option for you. Attention, you should choose the upper outer garment which can cover your hip, because you has a smaller hip and thigh.

Apple-shape: also try to show your pretty leg first. Then try some skinny pants and straight-leg pants. Because of the abundant upper body, you should make ocular waistline. You should not wear swollen upper outer garment.

Pear-shape: you should be careful about choosing pants. If you are slim, you can wear skinny pants, but remember to match the high heel or platform shoes. Also, you can wear longer upper outer garment to cover your hip and thigh. Do not try the loose straight-leg pants if you’re lower part of body is fairly abundant. You can try wide leg pants, especially the pear-shape with slimmer waist.

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