Meet a better self: how to use half a year to improve your appearance(reprinted)

Meet a better self: how to use half a year to improve your appearance(reprinted)

Meet a better self

I can feel my mood and skin, and my friends can see me more confirmed this. Let me summarize it to you in detail. These are some of the most comfortable habits you have.

Routine report
-01-5 a.m
At first I also thought early, simply wants to try, actually is very simple. Day one, day two And so it stuck. Everything will be difficult to do the first time, that behind the teeth, will be able to hold on to a long time.

If you’re a recliner, like me, set it to 4:55, give yourself a buffer, and get up at 5:05 or 10.
I don’t mean to be a morning person, but every night I close my eyes and fall asleep by 10:30, otherwise I know I’ll never get up the next day. Some partners like to stay up late to finish tasks under your hand. I know that feeling. Instead of getting a good night’s sleep, get up early and start your day efficiently.
Don’t question, let alone say that I am used to going to bed late and getting up late. Try it yourself.
– 02-10 drill into bed
It says, to get up early, you have to go to bed early. Remember to read a sentence: you do not have the heart to sleep at night, not because you love work and study, but your wrong way of life to do nothing in the day, and finally do not have the heart to start again, repeat one’s mistakes.

Starting tonight, put the things under your hand down and get a solid sleep. From tomorrow, adjust your sleeping schedule to a level that your body can adapt to. I know you can swipe your phone while lying down. I still can’t change this habit. It’s hard. But I am shortening this time, from playing for an hour to now 20 minutes, I do not force myself, but a little change is good.
Consider the damage to your 5.2 eyes in so-called eye care; In case the endless American TV series are finished in this way, we can do so. The task will not be finished until five o ‘clock tomorrow morning Consider the consequences and you’ll automatically put your phone down.
By the way, turn on your phone’s sleep mode to eliminate distractions. When your friends get used to your routine, they will understand. Like last night when I got a message at eleven o ‘clock, they knew subconsciously that I was asleep.
-03- take a nap
My best friends say they can’t nap in the office at all, and I’m incapable of it and don’t know what to do ). Nevertheless, remember when oneself take an examination of grind at that time, the winter is particularly cold, and the roommate that does not take an examination of grind is noontime all sorts of trouble, I with the friend lie prone in the library sleep. I know it’s bad for the neck, but at least I can sleep for half an hour every day with a small pillow.
There is no absolute right or wrong, weigh the pros and cons, and choose a less harmful and more productive way.
If you can sleep as well as I can, I recommend taking a 30-minute nap. After a long afternoon is very lethargic, on the contrary more sleep more do not want to get up, that night may not be able to sleep, moderate nap is best.
Diet articles
-01- a big breakfast
“Losing weight is on the way” is the creed of most girls. That’s right, self-discipline is the most beautiful thing in life. Proper weight control can make you beautiful and keep you in the best state of mind and body. Why not?
For fear of gaining weight, keep most nutritious foods high in fat or indigestible in your breakfast.
Get up in the morning I’m not used to this meal is eating salty, so my breakfast is usually: a carton of milk, I like to drink pure milk in the morning, at home I would go to the fresh milk to buy fresh milk home cooking, the thick layer of creme chewy, couldn’t be delicious, if you are in Beijing and around friends can also order the ternary glass bottles of milk a day, cook to send now now, very convenient very health), a large glass of oats (three tablespoons of oatmeal ➕ 1 tablespoon of cornflakes ➕ a spoonful of black sesame ➕ two gray jujube ➕ two chestnut kernel ➕ two walnut ➕ rock sugar, made overnight oatmeal, I like the taste of viscous) and a boiled egg and a dozen grapes.
There is no specific research on what nutrition is missing or which is more, but I am used to eating like this, which is delicious and convenient. After eating, I am hungry in the morning, which is extremely satisfying, so I won’t feel a little hungry before 11 o ‘clock. In this way, how can I have the impulse to tear open a bag of cranberry cookies?
Breakfast time had better control before 8 o ‘clock, everybody is different from person to person, explore slowly the time that suits oneself most.
-02- full lunch
As I gradually adjust to eating only one egg and a dozen grapes at five o ‘clock in the evening, I will have a relatively full lunch. Don’t say the harm of eating less dinner wait a minute, I have seen a lot of families do not eat dinner together, of course, the children of zhang not can!

I can’t stand a mouthful, so I have some eggs. After trying for a month, I did not feel unwell. On the contrary, I did not feel hungry at night because I had a good lunch. Moderate hunger would make me feel more comfortable at night.
I’m used to eating half a bowl of rice at lunch. In fact, the dishes to do not deliberately go to have to eat this do not eat that, as long as do not eat to support, 89 minutes can be full, of course best is meat and vegetable collocation, every day is different, but I do not feel the need to be so strict, after all, who is impossible to spend a third of the day thinking about this meal to eat what? Love to eat, do not exceed quantity, clean sanitation went.
-03- avoid greasy takeout and desserts
There are few girls who don’t like puffs and cream desserts. Puff and napoleon and the black forest are my death hole! Yesterday afternoon with the small friend gather, a into the sweet mi princess, bromeo direct say: “come to a box of original puffs, napoleon and two cups of hot milk, oh, and a black forest.”
The result, of course, is that I did not hold back, but it was very difficult! But such a cheat day once a month is good, but not too much, otherwise you will sin to death in the heart. The other day, watching a movie with my aunt, I grabbed the nuts at hand and ate them all. Eat on the overdose, and then naturally in the stomach all uncomfortable.
So, give yourself a little bit of a cheat day. You’ll be satisfied both in your heart and in your stomach.
Reducing the number of foreign meals is a must. If you must go out to eat, you can choose some tea restaurants or Thai food, try not to eat hotpot, self-help you do not think about it or, always think that self-help = spend money to buy the crime = immediately after the feeling of pain. It’s always right to eat more vegetables and fruits, reduce the consumption of pork, eat red meat such as red meat, red meat, high nutrition and low fat, I never refuse all kinds of fish and shrimp.
There is no way to avoid it. If it’s noon, it’s ok, but it’s very evening. Then enjoy the warmth of catching up with your friends. Talk more and use less chopsticks. Don’t drink this mixture of sugar and water.

-04- a cup of light salt water in the morning
After more than three years, combined with dietary attention and recuperation, it went from being a constipated person to having a bowel movement every morning.
I won’t go into all the other functions.
Clothing article
-01- nothing is more important than keeping warm
I don’t know if the girls all over the street are cold with their ankles out in the middle of the winter.
The temperature in zhangjiakou is unbearable for ordinary people, otherwise the ski resort of the winter Olympics would have melted early… Since I’m a girl with cold hands and feet, and I don’t have a man ticket, I have to keep myself warm.
It’s winter now. Put on your cotton trousers! A pair of cottonpadded pants won’t make your legs look thicker, only if they are thin, and people really don’t care that much about your legs. Put down other people’s eyes and appreciate the temperature more.
-02- keep all sleeping equipment clean
I don’t know if people are used to wearing pajamas or sleeping naked? If you’re used to it, don’t change. Here’s a tip for cool girls: sleep socks. Since the beginning of winter I have been wearing, very warm, sleep more solid, and no more foot cramps.

Look for a pair of beautiful sleep socks, beautiful fall asleep.
-03- find a few suitable brands
Is not the time to pick clothes all commit obsessive-compulsive ah? I also used to go shopping with my friends. This one looks good and that one looks good. Originally, I just want to buy a knitted sweater.
That’s all right, and more importantly, that pile of clothes is next to nothing because you can’t get used to it. Listen to me, only buy the right things and not the expensive things. My best friend offers her own advice for you, but no one knows more about you than you do. Why don’t you take the absolute right to choose the right clothes for you?
It’s right to try more. But premise is, you like and dress beautifully, do not want to be in letting oneself colourful green go up to pile up, choose a few fixed joker brand, their style can change, can not too change, after all is to have brand effect. For example, I am fit for zara, and I am a lover of zara and top shop. Therefore, I will see if I can shine at the launch of new products. I will buy clothes for myself on a regular basis.
Skin-care article

-01- deep cleaning of facial teeth
I wrote about teeth the day before yesterday. I won’t repeat it here. Small goal is 17 years brush out one small white tooth.
The female student that saw sense of ceremony is like this: wash gargle tool is complete, take thing to walk to water room two minutes complete. Dear, is your facial cleanser smooth? Now that it’s all washed, wash well. I recently used muscle-bound foam, and I’ve been using Elizabeth arden’s little blue tube for a good price.

Rub your face carefully so that it is fully in contact with your skin and rinse with warm water for a deep cleansing. Are you pressed for time? You’ll be late soon? You neglected that you got up more than five o ‘clock this morning.
To be more specific, skin care products are expensive, whether because of advertising or taxes, but there is always a reason that they are expensive. After all, girls around the world have been using them for so many years. I do not negate a few ten dollars of bad, just good probability is a little bit small, very difficult to wash, if find, secretly happy!
I can use a skin care product for more than half a year, and it really doesn’t cost a lot of money a day.
Be willing to make a long-term investment to oneself, buy the money that buy a cookie to buy meat loose cake equalize a few give this face, the meat meat walked, yan also gao, not very good deal.
-02- more skin care and less makeup
My skin care products are always more than beauty makeup, one is that I do not love two of course is not skilled enough. A lipstick must have, say YSL of pretty good, nevertheless I be the charm that keeps using mineral of that kind, color oneself like good. Cosmetics are not luxury, to show their identity ah and so on, as long as they are used to make themselves the highest degree of beauty is enough.
If you’re a strong woman! I know, you have to wear a lot of makeup Appropriate of draw a light makeup very good look, base son so good be about to have a little self-confident right, see article of beautiful you?
If must spend thick makeup, that please do good discharge makeup, must not take makeup to fall asleep, restore the body original appearance, since the time that mother gave birth to us face did not have these things, that still obediently discharge!
-03- learn to smile and discipline
Smile to yourself every day when you wash your face. As the saying goes: smile, ten young. Try to smile when you wash your face every day, and smile when you greet others. Your popularity will be especially good.
Discipline is a good thing, he let me top words in your there will not be nonsense, as you can have him, see the nature, slowly, a little bit of progress a day, a year to look back, you will be surprised.
-04- rinse your hair carefully
The girl’s hair fell apart, and my mom was home all day complaining that my hair was all over the place. In fact, a lot of things you eat for breakfast every day are good for your hair, and you should pay more attention when you wash your hair.
Before wet hair, dredge hair first, must wash hair with lukewarm water, the girl that USES cold water fast stop. Do not let your scalp become inertia by changing shampoo on an irregular basis. When washing hair, slowly rub, with the head of the stomach small strength, this is the scalp. Wash shampoo and conditioner. No residue.
Everyday habit USES a wooden comb or ox horn comb hair, slow a bit, can pull the hair hard to be not little strange.

Fitness article
-01- stop talking and start walking
This is the high school biology teacher’s words of wisdom. The teacher was fifty years of age, my mother’s age, but very young, and my mother’s equal.

After that, let’s talk about starting. Winter to insist on outdoor running is really not realistic for me, zhangjiakou wa, when the wind is strong, I can not stand still running? If you can, try the equipment at the gym.
No more, no rice no time can not go to the gym, every day is not an excuse to put on weight. You can climb stairs without taking the elevator, walk without taking a bus, stand without sitting Take every opportunity to shape. I used to be lazy, but these years have become my habit, automatic adjustment, no need to deliberately.
We would walk for an hour with our mother every night. Our walk was a quick walk, and we would share with each other the interesting things happened today, that is, to keep fit and spend pure company time with our family, without the interference of TV or mobile phone.

Before I go to bed, I will stretch my legs for an hour. I read a girl’s message in a book. To sum up, the specific method is to stretch the bicycle. Do not ask for speed, but to fully stretch the ankle, to experience the kind of tendons of the rush, what if long? Ha ha, this is my biggest wish, has persisted four days, you also joined together! Insist that I write the feedback in two months. That girl said it worked and let me remember to go to the awards, I remember!
-02- give up the equipment
Fitness must not be self-defeating, after all, there is a risk of injury. To make money is to improve the quality of life and maintain the rigid demand. Run, buy a pair of good running shoes; To stretch, buy a sports bra that is shockproof. Yoga, buy a thick and comfortable yoga mat…
Take care and be prepared, in case you get a foot injury or a hamstring injury, your best friend goes skiing with a broken knee, and many of your friends run with an ankle injury. A sports before all must do sufficient homework, this but is responsible to oneself, either starts well, or simply does not do, three fishing two days to share the net words, or obediently watches the play at home, saves time and effort to save money.
Mentality article
-01- read more and read more
The temperament of girl student is by inside and outside, make up can let beautiful girl student more beautiful, but cannot let an ugly female instant become big beauty really, do not believe, discharge a makeup to try? Don’t tell me you don’t appear in front of people without makeup.

Reading can really make you different from others, walking with the wind. This is not to say that all kinds of web celebrity novels should be read, but all kinds of classics are widely read: novels, classics, history, psychology… It’s always good to see more. Believe that there is a reason why you should read the books that have survived so long.
Reading is not one time work, read several times, each feeling is different! In 2017, set yourself a small goal.
Try to be at peace in everything
It’s not about being wronged, it’s two concepts. What I’m saying here is don’t be impatient, don’t make mistakes, don’t be a mess.
Yesterday, my best friend told me how much I was worried about the graduation season. You’ll never know how strong you are until you’re pushed!
A few days after graduation, I left home at 2 o ‘clock in the morning, arrived in tianjin at 6 o ‘clock in the morning, examined at 1 o ‘clock in the afternoon, I got on the bus to go back to school at 2 o ‘clock, and sat in the bedroom at 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon. That is to say, one day, I changed three cities, although not far, but definitely enough I a girl can stand.
Some people say that I look like a girl from lanfang, yes, but you need to do everything in life, even if your parents are careful enough to arrange everything for you, but do you have the heart? Why don’t you do it yourself, and everything you get is a sense of belonging and fulfillment.
I am strong enough and you are strong enough. No matter how dense the schedule is, no matter how difficult the task is, if you do one thing at a time, you will get it done in the end.
No one is really tired out with every “I’m exhausted” complaint, you just do some useless complaining, have this time, reasonable arrangement, smile, start!
-03- one ledger a year
On New Year’s day, I plan to start a book. What does a best friend look like? They know what you want!

So, I had a hand book, a big calendar, a bunch of stickers… The whole kit is perfect. Keep a journal of your daily routine. You’ll take care of everything methodically.
It was going to be a long story. We are going to go skiing at chongli. The baby has to pack up! If I have time later, I will write something to share with you. Ski return, travel write ~
In fact, as long as you do everything under your control seriously, you will be lucky enough, really! Anything, even a piece of writing, should be taken seriously to the extreme (it is a shame that I would have written a little more detail if I hadn’t had to clean up immediately).
Keep going, you will always see the results, when you encounter more beautiful themselves, come to me here to click on a like sign, I wait for you!

By: cotton stick Wong
Source: Jane book
The copyright of the short book belongs to the author, any form of reprint please contact the author to obtain authorization and indicate the source.

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