2018 color should wear so, teach you how to collocation and choice!

2018 color should wear so, teach you how to collocation and choice!

2018 color

Colour collocation is a deep knowledge.

There are no bad colors, only bad matches.

The pantone color institute released the spring and summer 2018 color, today we will take it as an example to talk about how to match the spring and summer 2018 color.

Pantone color institute as a global authority color institute, the annual release of color can always hang a trend.

In this report, there are 12 top colors for fashion and 4 classic colors for the season. ▼

On the whole, the span of clarity and purity of popular color of this season is very big, have depth to have light, color has yan to have turbidity.

Today, I will choose four of these colors as examples, and analyze them one by one from their temperature, brightness and purity, and recommend some common color schemes, including some color schemes.

If everybody USES the following color in dressing collocation, also can refer to the following color collocation!

The lark yellow PANTONE

Lark yellow is a warm color with a high brightness, so it will be very eye-catching and bright no matter where it is used.

Medium to high saturation is a brighter color. ▼

Because be lightness is taller color, so when choosing color collocation, can consider the match color of intense contrast.

Black with yellow

For example, the difference in brightness of yellow and black match, give a person with intense visual impact, appear noble atmosphere up to grade.

A yellow sweater over a black coat lightens the look and doesn’t make the skin look too dark. ▼

Thin belts and boots are enough to steal the show if you don’t want to look too bright. ▼

Yellow and black go well with this contrasting color scheme, and for those with a strong contrast of body colors (that is, those with dark hair, red lips, and distinctive facial features, as we often call them), it is very harmonious and beautiful to wear.

But if your facial features and hair colors are lighter, you’ll need a lot of makeup and contrast to work on these colors.

Callie match

Cyan and yellow are the most commonly used complementary colors.

If they are combined with cyan, they are complementary colors because cyan is dark and yellow is bright. The overall brightness is also quite different. ▼


If you think the two colors are too strong, you can weaken the purity of the cyan and turn it into light blue.

Xi mengyao matched the light blue jeans, the overall color brightness is on the high side, the color is very light, looks youthful and energetic. ▼

Additional tie-in black bag serves as the emphasize color of integral modelling, make integral modelling had key. And still echo with the color photograph of the hair, won’t appear top-heavy light.

Yellow accessories, such as bags and shoes, are also a good choice.


Emerald green is a kind of more relaxed and clean green among contain the fundamental key of blue, hold concurrently restoring ancient ways and contemporary style.

Its purity and brightness are moderate, do not give a person too gorgeous or soft feeling. ▼

Blue and green with

In the hue ring, blue and green are adjacent. This kind of colorific collocation has certain change, but won’t too extreme.

But both colors are cooler, and people with cool skin will look better in them. ▼

Green and white match

Green and the white of tall lightness match, increased tie-in lively feeling,

appear at a draught bright eye is not little. For example the printing of emerald green matchs white,

restoring ancient ways elegant while, won’t appear too dark heavy, integral looks pure and fresh and easy. ▼

The friend with lighter skin color is in choosing green and white collocation when, let white close to face as far as possible, let its foil color of skin. The white blouse pictured is paired with an emerald green skirt. ▼

And clever is, model still tie-in a green necklace, let a person place attention on necklace already, raised visual center of gravity while, still increased tie-in integral sense.


Azure is a cool color, because it is added a lot of grey and white in the blue, so the brightness is relatively high, it looks very shallow and soft. ▼

Blue and white match

This kind of match color often lets a person associate blue sky white cloud, give a person pure and fresh, natural feeling.

Because it’s nature’s color scheme, it’s almost never wrong.

Always with “small clear fresh air” high round, often use this kind of blue and white match. ▼

But both of these colors are lighter and give a softer feeling. It is more suitable for those who look gentle and elegant.

The blue grey with

Light blue and light gray, because are light color, appear without aggression, also have the feeling of gentleness.

This color scheme is also suitable for gentle, light people. ▼

This collocation is worthy of reference is to deserve to act the role of, bag, sunglasses and shoe are unified the black with relatively low brightness, increased the contrast of integral collocation so.

And color is consistent also had echo effect, increased the integral sense of collocation likewise.

Pomegranate red PANTONE

The fashionable color of autumn and winter is the color that slants warm tone, and this kind of pomegranate red is red to attend orange is tonal, bring a few warmth to bleak autumn wind, give a person ebullient move feeling,

this kind of beautiful and unrestrained color can let us look in autumn winter be full of vigor.

It is less the make public of big red, more a few minutes wild than dark red, drive rise relaxed and comfortable.

Come autumn winter, put on this kind of enthusiastic but not grandiose red, although large area USES, also need not worry to wear vulgar.

Simple styles, coupled with the texture of pomegranate red single items (such as coats, shoes, scarves, bags, wide-leg pants, etc.), easily left several streets. ▼

In addition to the use of large areas, garnet as an ornament of the overall shape is also more challenging.

In the calm and non-colored dressing, the addition of garnet elements can instantly light up the whole body and attract eyeballs.

So that people’s line of sight can be placed on your body, as a highlight to play the role of putting the finishing touch. ▼

Actually, colour collocation says complex also complex, say simple also is very simple.

As long as we pay attention to the color of the combination of temperature,

brightness and purity, we can be specific in the Suriel “dress match course” systematically explained.

How about the popular color scheme of 2018? Did you get it?

Start your journey to beauty

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