Chinese food that must be eaten in China

Chinese food that must be eaten in China

Chinese food that must be eaten in China

Friends, go to China to play must taste Chinese specialties, which we introduce Yangzhou fried rice, Dongpo meat, Liuzhou snail powder and Buddha jump wall.

Yangzhou fried rice, also known as Yangzhou egg fried rice, is a classic snack in Jiangsu Yangzhou. The main ingredients are rice, ham, eggs, shrimp and so on.


Hangzhou Dongpo Meat is a traditional dish with a wide range of flavors and flavors, belonging to Zhejiang cuisine. Dongpo meat is a dish named after Su Dongpo. Su Dongpo (Su Shi) is a famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty of China. He has deep knowledge of poets and calligraphy and is also very researching on cooking dishes. He cooks his own dishes and is very good at cooking meat. In many of his famous poems, he also has about diet, such as “food pork”, “old talent”, “Ding Gongmo” 蛑>>, <<豆豆粥>>, <<羹>> and other poems, all reflect his strong interest in diet cooking. “Dongpo Meat” was first produced by Su Dongpo in Huangzhou.



Snail powder is a flavor snack in Liuzhou, Guangxi. It is made from Liuzhou’s unique rice noodles, with sour bamboo shoots, fungus, peanuts and other ingredients, and a combination of moderately hot and sour taste and snail soup. It has sour, spicy, fresh, cool and hot. Flavor [1]. The secret recipe of snail powder is snail soup. The real snail powder is not snail. The taste of rice flour is based on snail soup. The snail powder soup is prepared from 13 kinds of natural spices, sucrose, sucrose, etc., such as snail meat, snail, star anise, cinnamon, clove, and pepper.


The Buddha Jumping Wall, also known as Mantanxiang and Fushouquan, is a local famous dish in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. According to legend, it was developed by Zheng Chunfa, the owner of Fuzhou Juchunyuan Restaurant during the Qing Daoguang years. The Buddha Jumping Wall is rich in nutrients, which can promote development, beauty, delay aging, enhance immunity, and complement the good.
The process is very cumbersome to make this food. There are more than a dozen raw materials for Buddha jumping wall, such as abalone, sea cucumber, fish lip, glutinous rubber, oyster mushroom, tendon, flower mushroom, cuttlefish, scallop, and quail egg. To fully reflect the taste and characteristics of each kind of ingredients, we need to make these dozens of ingredients separately into a dish, then gather them together, add broth and Shaoxing wine, and simmer for more than ten hours. This taste can really be Achieve mellow characteristics. [1]
In 1965 and 1980, respectively, in Guangzhou Nanyuan and Hong Kong, the Fuzhou cuisine, which was mainly made up of Buddha’s jumping wall, caused a sensation, and set off the heat of the Buddha’s wall in the world. The restaurants opened by overseas Chinese all over the country use self-proclaimed authentic Buddha jumping dishes to attract customers. The Buddha Jumping Wall also hosted the heads of state such as Prince Sihanouk, US President Ronald Reagan, and Queen Elizabeth.


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