Stan Lee Marvel has a big inventory, 35 movies cast Marvel legend

Stan Lee Marvel has a big inventory

Stan Lee Marvel has a big inventory

On November 13, Stan Lee, the father of Marvel, passed away at the age of 95. Father once said: I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic creator, and everyone else was building or doing medical work. Later I began to realize that entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without entertainment, people may fall into extremes. I think if you can entertain people, then you are doing very well.

With the help of partner cartoonist Jack Kobe, in November 1961, another superhero combination in the history of comics was born. They were “Fantastic Four”. In the following days, he was in the cartoonist Jack Kobe, Steven. With the help of Fu Dito, he created comic characters such as “Iron Man”, “The Hulk”, “Thunder Thor”, “X-Men”, “Singular Dr.”, “Super-Ji Xia”, etc. He is also a spider. The main creation of Xia.

Stan Lee is not only the father of the creation of the Marvel series, but also likes to be a guest of all kinds of Marvel movies, bringing surprises to the audience.
In 1989, Stan Lee guest starred “Invincible Hulk’s Judgment”, this is his first face on the screen… Since then, Grandpa Li has opened his “Dragon Road”, don’t watch the drama, Li Grandpa treats every shot. Very serious, no less than any star. Before the interview, I also complained that the director of “Spider-Man” cut off the close-up lens that he can show off, leaving only one person who can’t see the face. The lens wasted his acting for a long time.

Finding Stan Lee in various Marvel films has also become one of the fun of fans watching movies. He has also become a symbol of Marvel movies.
In the 1989 TV movie “The Invincible Hulk,” he played a juror.
In the X-Men released in 2000, he played a street vendor selling hot dogs.
In 2002, “Spider-Man 1”, when Green Devils attacked Times Square, Grandpa Li saved a little girl.
In 2003, “Super Man”, watching the newspaper cross the road, almost hit, and the young Matt Merckola pulled him back.

In 2003, “The Hulk”, Grandpa Li turned into a security guard, and walked out of the building with his colleagues, chanting to strengthen management, and then greeted the oncoming Hulk: “Good morning, Clarence Dr. Le!”
In “Spider-Man 2”, Spider-Man and Dr. Otto struggled on the giant clock, and the fallen stone almost went to a female passer-by and was opened by Stan Lee.
In 2005, “Fantastic Four”, Li’s father turned into a postman and said hello to Mr. Magic: “Dr. Richards, welcome back to the Baikester Building. There is a bunch of your letters.” This time he has a good name. The name of the Eight Classics: Willie Rankin.
In 2006, “X-Men: Backwaters”, the childhood phoenix woman showed super power, Li Laozi was watering the roadside, the water in the water pipe flew up into the sky, and Li’s father was horrified.

In 2007, “Spider-Man 3”, Peter Parker passed the LED screen, and Father Li approached him and said, “I guess only one person can be so different, no need to say anything.”
In 2007, “Fantastic Four 2” played the role of Richard and Stoum’s wedding but was driven away. It was really funny.
In 2008, “Invincible Hulk”, drinking an innocent old man with a drink of Hulk blood.
In “Electric Man 1” in 2008, Downey entered the charity party when he was left to the right, and Downey was recognized as the founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner.
In 2010, “Iron Man 2”, after Iron Man participated in the Stark Expo, the driver took him through the crowd and introduced him to Larry King, the famous talk show host played by Father Li.
In 2011, Captain America, the old man watching the show. At that time, the captain of the United States left, and the host had changed. He mistakenly thought that the man was the captain of the United States.
In 2011, “Raytheon 1” wanted to drive the driver of Thor’s sledgehammer with a car.
In “Reunification 1”, the last part says: “Superhero in New York? Impossible!”
In 2012, “Amazing Spider-Man 1” spiders and lizards were playing in the back. He was listening to the library staff who were working in the songs in front of him, and his life was still fine.
In 2013, “Raytheon 2”, Eric held two sneakers and lectured in a psychiatric hospital. He asked the patients: “Who still has questions?” Only the old man who responded to him: “I! Can you return the shoes to me?” ”
In the 2013 TV series, the first season of “Shenzhen Agent”, when the Nelson team performed the task, Simmons disguised as the daughter of Jurson. He told him that he did not see his mother before his death. When he heard it, he stopped to teach Jolson.
2013 “Iron Man 3” guest appearance.
In 2014, “Amazing Spider-Man 2”, at the graduation ceremony of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, sitting in the auditorium, he pointed to the Spider-Man who had not yet had time to change back to normal human form: “I know that guy!”
In the 2014 “Galaxy Guard”, the Rocket Raccoon was still a bounty hunter. When he was looking for a target, he saw the father picking up the girl. He said: Where is your wife? Old man!

“Captain America 2” (2014): When the father of the museum security guard suddenly found out that the uniforms used for the exhibition were lost, lamented that “the rice bowl is not guaranteed.” (In fact, the US team took it by themselves)
In 2015, “Super Marines”, he was twice as a guest of Fred’s dad. Once he was brought home in Fred, the painting on the wall was the father, and the egg was taken home by Stein Lee. Implied that the father is Stan.
In 2015, “The Avengers 2” Stan Lee played a dinner for the World War II veterans to participate in the re-election.
The spokesperson of the singer’s spokesperson in the “Ant Man” bar is the guest of the Father.
In 2016, “Captain America 3: Civil War” in the film, the last courier knocked on the door and shouted “Tony’s big”, contributing to the film.
In 2016, “Dead Servant”, in the strip club where the actress Vanessa works, there is an old DJ.

In 2016, Dr. Strange and Dr. Casillas opened a portal with a hanging ring to escape in the mirror world. As a result, Casillas reversed 90° and ran into a bus. . At that time, an old man was holding a comic book on the bus. Hahahaha laughed very happy.
In “Raytheon 3”, he starred in the hair stylist with his hands shaking, and Sol’s hair was cut by him.
In The Panthers, Stan Lee plays a thirsty gambler and appears in the casino.
In The Avengers 3, Stan Lee plays a school bus driver.
In “Ant Man 2”, the car of Stan Lee’s father was accidentally reduced.
In the film’s recently released movie “Poison”, Stan Lee took a dog to the show and once again surprised the audience.

So the question is coming? Guest starred in so many films, which one does Stan Lee like the most?
The favorite character has been changing, depending on the mood, and the least favorite is the spider man of 2002. He said: “Because I am too short, it is not enough for me to show my acting skills!”
35 movies, 35 characters, the total box office broke 20 billion US dollars, Stan Lee said that the first person in the history of the film, is legendary.
Father Stan Lee, go all the way.

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